Jessamy Acket

My name is Jess, I'm 21, and I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I'm currently studying Marketing and Management at AUT University. This blog is filled with things that I find interesting and inspiring; advertising, marketing, branding, social media, as well as the odd ramblings about my life and experiences as a business student. Enjoy!

About Me

Education Background

  • I’m currently in my final year of a Bachelor of Business degree in Marketing and Management at AUT University in Auckland, New Zealand
  • The final leg of my degree involves a 9-week co-operative educational placement (internship) which will be completed with Below The Line in August this year, along with relevant course work and assignments

Employment History

  • I have worked in retail/customer service since I was 15 (so.. almost 6 years now), ranging from jobs in a cafe, video shops and Pizza Hut (yayyy..)
  • I recently helped out, doing odd jobs at a law firm Chapman Tripp for a few months
  • My current job is at a video store called Video Ezy, where I have been since I was 17

I Like…

  • Exercise; I’m a bit of a gym junkie, I play social water polo, compete in triathlons, and enjoy playing any sport
  • Travel; meeting new people, experiencing different environments and cultures
  • Music; well, who doesn’t?
  • Internet; I spend far too much time on my Mac
  • Fashion; I admit I have a shopping problem

I Want To…

  • Travel to America (New York, LA), Europe, and any country/place with amazing scenery
  • Gain experience in the marketing and advertising industry
  • Meet interesting new people

Random FYI’s

  • I have an old brother (Euan - 23, cycle courier) and an older sister (Alyssa - 22, animation tutor)
  • My mum is a nurse and my dad is a motorbike mechanic
  • I live in a flat with two guys and one other girl

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